Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Seven Legged Express Journey earlier this week. I am very grateful for this award. I have been nominated for two other awards, but I am such a virgin-blogger that I either did not know how to respond or I just did not read enough. Most of the blogs I read now are either comics like Seven Legs, art, illustration, design, photography and of course politics and teaching and so awards like The Versatile Blogger or One Lovely Blog Award do not apply to these blogs and bloggers or they have already received it.

This week has been quite hectic with ego-boosting stuff. First, I received this award, then the 200th person chose to follow my blog, and finally, I participated in a poetry reading with fifteen other poets at the annual Association for Mormon Letters conference. All of us and many many others were anthologized in a new collection of poetry by and about mormons called Fire in the Pasture.

I have to be honest, I am very blown away by the several honors and at the same time needed it. I don’t deserve the awards given here on wordpress since political cartoons are considered the lowest form of art, however I do accept the award because of the experiences I’ve had substitute teaching (though blogging about that is now quite difficult). I do not belong with the other poets in the anthology and told the editor Tyler Chadwick, but he and several of the others there told me to knock it off.

I really want to thank Seven Legged Express Journey with some commemoration art (not a requirement for the award):

And I would like to nominate the following five bloggers for their support and creativity (the crappy thing about these awards, is that there are more people I want to thank, but there isn’t enough room):

Mary McGowan. Mary has been a very long term supporter of my blog and is also a skilled illustrator, watercolorist, singer, poet and blogger. I am always happy when she posts something new and also enjoy the posts she chooses to reblog.

Michelle at Motley News. Michelle is a news and political junky and a great lover of dogs. She just celebrated her one year anniversary as a blogger. A great many of my posts were inspired by her posts especially the many War on Women posts.

Pete Glanting. Pete is a such an arcane and insane cartoonist. I admire him for his very unique comics and portraits. He posts almost daily and his posts always show a great deal of OCD attention to detail.

Wayne Pollard. Wayne is a pixie cartoonist, meaning a cartoonist that does not often change the art in their strip. There are quite a few good pixie-strips out there, but I want to see new art. Wayne’s is the exception. His writing is very sharp and near to my heart as I have literally received hundreds of rejection letters.

Mark at Images of China through English Eyes. I love Asia and I love good photography. Mark’s blog has these in spades. I have liked almost every photo he’s posted since I came across him.

I also want to take this chance to thank Ron, Don, Doodlemum and Doodle Dad for their inspiration, support and friendship.