Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin drawn with a Staedler pigment liner 0.7 pen, a fine tip Sharpie pen and chisel tip Sharpie marker and colored in PhotoShop Elements.



It is days like today that I wish someone would go out and burn all the grass in the entire state. I hate grass pollen. It screws up my head when I’m not taking sudefed and screws up my head when I am. Grass growing next to the highway is the worst. Here I am driving a a twenty-five year old pick-up at seventy miles an hour and sneezing every ten seconds or so. That’s way safe, huh?

You’d think small minded control freaks would use this as an opportunity to pass some legislation requiring goats to eat all the grass next to the highway so people won’t sneeze, but no! Eatting grass is is dangerous to the goats.

I recommend fire. We need a bunch of those old cowboy types who used to be employed burning out the irrigation ditches out next to the high burning every bit of grass to be seen.

Whatever. Not only does grass pollen make me a dangerous driver (I deliver pizza for a living, so I’m also sneezing every ten seconds on city streets getting my pizza out to you), but it also interfers with my comic. I can’t draw and sneeze at the same time. I am trying however. Below is an image that if you click on it, you can see the entire comic on my webcomic Cobalt City.


(BTW: the quote in the image above comes from Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death.)

Cliven Bundy


I haven’t had a chance to draw a political portrait in a while. This is Cliven Bundy. Here in the Western United States, the states like Utah and Nevada are trying to win back control of BLM lands. It is probably a good idea since there is so little property for taxation available in both states.

The problem, though, is idiots like Cliven Bundy. Bundy refuses to pay the fees and taxes required of all ranchers who use BLM land. This is not heroic, its criminal no matter how you feel about his politics. That he is also a racist is no surprise, but racism is not common to the Libertarians I know.

A further embarrassment about Bundy is his Mormonism. I’m a Mormon. One of the key things about Mormonism is the belief in the rule of law. The law of the land in the United States is a balancing act of federal, state and local laws and officials. One cannot recognize one without the other. When I was growing up, a neighbor was a tax protester like Bundy. Eventually, he was excommunicated and spent years in federal prison.

Although Bundy is a Mormon, he is a figment of generations past and a criminal. Regardless of his religion and politics, this guy is a creep.

Edit: Check out

  • this great video about Bundy by Rachel Maddow.
  • this article in the Deseret News explaining some of the local issues motivating Bundy.