Camomile What?


This is a link to the newest update to my webcomic, Cobalt City.

Rhedd Copper


Six months ago, I tried to draw a serial comic that eventually would be a graphic novel. I failed because of two logistic problems: 1) at the time, the comics I post here are more political and not story focused, so a graphic novel was not a good fit & 2) when posting my story, I sometimes wanted to post a comic r portrait or map that had nothing to do with my story and by doing so ruined the flow of my story. I haven’t forgotten that story, but I have been working to resolve the two problems I have mentioned above and so will be pursuing a different story, but not here. Here, I will continue to post sketches and random political cartoons or what not. When I am ready, with a six week buffer, I will be posting a three times a week comic in a different location.

The sketch here is of one of the characters, Rhedd Copper. Briefly, Copper is a private investigator. She is sharp-eyed, clever, energetic and friendly. She essentially would be a female, less frumpy, Columbo.

And You Too Can Be an Ancestry Ninja


For the past few weeks I’ve been in new-hire training at It is a nice company with a good reputation and yes, I will be a telephone monkey, doing tech-support. During training, one of the techs on the phones came in and was helping us as we took our first calls as a group. He said that after one month we would be “Ancestry Ninjas.” I thought this was particularly funny. I sketched up the original and one sharpie layer during lunch break and gave the tech who was helping us a photo copy.