Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren, senior Democratic senator of Massachusetts, drawn with a fine point and a chisel tip sharpie marker and colored in PhotoShop Elements.

Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin drawn with a Staedler pigment liner 0.7 pen, a fine tip Sharpie pen and chisel tip Sharpie marker and colored in PhotoShop Elements.

Bowe Bergdahl: Pawn

I am glad Bowe Bergdahl is back in the hands of the US military. He’ll be tried in a miliary court and they will determine if he deserted or not. The biggest problem is Bergdahl is now the pawn of the Obama administration and his Republican critics. I do not envy Bergdahl this at all.

As a military veteran, I find Bergdahl disgusting. I did not serve in combat (no wars going on at the time). I was not in the infantry (I was an engineer). I was not the best soldier by any stretch of the word (no awards beyond an honorable discharge, a good conduct award and always qualifying 40/40 on the rifle range), but I do know some great soldiers and they do not deserve to be associated with Bergdahl.

My problem is all the attention a complete failure is getting. Bergdahl has no value as a soldier, but he does as a political pawn (not to mention as a diplomatic pawn).Bowe-Bergdahl-Pawn-Political-Cartoon-Portrait

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