Bowe Bergdahl: Pawn

I am glad Bowe Bergdahl is back in the hands of the US military. He’ll be tried in a miliary court and they will determine if he deserted or not. The biggest problem is Bergdahl is now the pawn of the Obama administration and his Republican critics. I do not envy Bergdahl this at all.

As a military veteran, I find Bergdahl disgusting. I did not serve in combat (no wars going on at the time). I was not in the infantry (I was an engineer). I was not the best soldier by any stretch of the word (no awards beyond an honorable discharge, a good conduct award and always qualifying 40/40 on the rifle range), but I do know some great soldiers and they do not deserve to be associated with Bergdahl.

My problem is all the attention a complete failure is getting. Bergdahl has no value as a soldier, but he does as a political pawn (not to mention as a diplomatic pawn).Bowe-Bergdahl-Pawn-Political-Cartoon-Portrait

Please Read:

Charles Krauthammer: Bergdahl Coming Home — Free Him, and then Try Him


2 thoughts on “Bowe Bergdahl: Pawn

  1. Yes, the army should try Bergdahl. Frankly, I don’t much care that he’s a pawn. I am far more concerned that POTUS has released five high level terrorists, who will undoubtedly do harm to the US. It is time to find out why the commander in chief has unilaterally done something that is not in the best interest of our national security.

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