Cliven Bundy


I haven’t had a chance to draw a political portrait in a while. This is Cliven Bundy. Here in the Western United States, the states like Utah and Nevada are trying to win back control of BLM lands. It is probably a good idea since there is so little property for taxation available in both states.

The problem, though, is idiots like Cliven Bundy. Bundy refuses to pay the fees and taxes required of all ranchers who use BLM land. This is not heroic, its criminal no matter how you feel about his politics. That he is also a racist is no surprise, but racism is not common to the Libertarians I know.

A further embarrassment about Bundy is his Mormonism. I’m a Mormon. One of the key things about Mormonism is the belief in the rule of law. The law of the land in the United States is a balancing act of federal, state and local laws and officials. One cannot recognize one without the other. When I was growing up, a neighbor was a tax protester like Bundy. Eventually, he was excommunicated and spent years in federal prison.

Although Bundy is a Mormon, he is a figment of generations past and a criminal. Regardless of his religion and politics, this guy is a creep.

Edit: Check out

  • this great video about Bundy by Rachel Maddow.
  • this article in the Deseret News explaining some of the local issues motivating Bundy.

4 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy

  1. Both a great drawing and commentary! Did you per chance listen to or watch Rachel Maddow’s coverage of this on last night’s (Thursday) show? If not, I highly recommend you do so. She does a good job of providing an historical context to Bundy’s racism and extreme distrust of the federal government.

  2. “win back control of BLM lands.” How about the other way around. Let the rest of us, the actual owners of BLM land win that land back for us?
    As far as I can see, he is just another welfare rancher bitching about other people getting his welfare money. If he wants to rape his OWN land, so be it. Just don’t come to us with his hand out and expect us to put it back together. As for the land he ‘leases’, let him pay market rate. You do remember the time a group overbid for a lease, that would have meant more money for the government, but the Bureau of Livestock and Mining refused, because it would have meant no cows raping the land.

    • When I say “win back control,” these are the official actions of Western States pursuing legal means to return the BLM lands back to state control–not some crazed bunch of weirdos on horses waving ak-47s around.

      Personally, I love the national parks like most Utah residents. The BLM lands are not national parks, but are still quite beautiful. I love camping on the BLM lands out by Topaz Mountain south of Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge. Where I camp, there is very little grazing, because it is too arid for cattle. The biggest problem here are drunks shooting at exploding targets who don’t clean up their own litter. These are the millions of acres the states want back for development–mining, ranching, whatever.

      Me? Since 60% of Utah is held in reserve, I think 60% of every state should be held in reserve. I think 60% of Iowa and New York should be reserved just like Utah, but since the federal government won’t do this, I don’t care if the local states try to get the BLM lands back.

      Bundy? Bundy is a welfare rancher and a racist. You are right about him. He deserves to be in jail.

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