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  1. Actually, I totally agree! Many of our libraries have shut down in recent years. It is so sad when this happens, it’s as if a little (but significant) part of the community dies away. Last week I had to go and renew my library card and it gave me a real buzz to borrow books. I just love libraries. They’re so special. People take them for granted. 🙂 Great work, as always, Aaron. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Mrs. Katykins! It’s sad to hear about that. Here in Provo, we have a beautiful library and ever since wifi has come along all the perverts have stopped clogging up the research terminals. We’re kinda blessed library wise here. BYU has one of the biggest libraries in the United States only a mile from the Provo City Library. Orem, the town next door, has a nice library and Salt Lake, the capitol, has a great one, too. Since we didn’t have air-conditioning, during the summers I would take my kids down to the library at least twice a week. I would be quite sad if our local library closed.

      • You have really inspired me to do a little post on libraries, thanks for that! Will get round to that soon, I hope! 🙂 They really are special places, such a significant part of the community. I think that the internet element isn’t so good. Too many people come to try and look up porn (most of the time unsuccessfully!) instead of reading…!

      • I agree about the sicko problem at libraries, but it’s now easier to steal internet from laundromats than libraries so there are fewer perverts around.

        I am very excited to see your library posts. The boys need to read!

  2. I love this. I have to think about all the reasons why. Right now it works on more that just the haha level. It’s funny and somber, sweet, sad, insightful, hopeful. I dunno maybe these are all the things I bring with me, but I absolutely love it and always feel like the Ogre in life.

    Guess why I was attracted to your blog. May I reblog you?

    • Any time you would lie to! I like this picture a lot, too. There is a lot going on here, for me, than just a guy picking his nose. I used to substitute teach at a day program for autistic adults. None of them looked like this character, but they all loved the library. There is something very democratizing about library cards and equal access to books even if all I check out are comic anthologies by Kelly and Breathed.

      • You worked with Autistic kids? Me too! I was Res Hab. Wow. Small world. Best world. :)) I loved that job!!!!!! That’s very interesting about the Library books, yes, the library card – the great equalizer. :)) Well….comic books is reading. Haha. Anything to get em’ taking in text…

        That’s how my mom got us! :)) You know – soon Library will be all digitized. :-/ All online…

      • Libraries are the best. It was one of the best things I did with my kids and it will be a sad day if and when libraries are completely digitized. There is nothing quite the same as the tactile and spiritual pleasure of reading a book.

      • ******I agree.***** (Kindles lose something. It’s kind of cold.) And I am glad there are folks standing for libraries and bookstores!

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