Decline of Marriage & the Rise of Un-Wed Mothers


Please Read: The Decline of Marriage and the Rise of Unwed Mothers: An Economic Mystery


9 thoughts on “Decline of Marriage & the Rise of Un-Wed Mothers

  1. Taught in inner city minority schools 33 years and saw so many talented young women of college and post education potential destroy it all with teen pregnancy. In one way I respected these young women for not having abortion but 3 kids at 17 years old ? But now food stamps, section 8 housing, being raised by granma or auntie and now certain poverty perpetuate the expanding underclass. Another problem for female teens is that I would say a third of the girls were in the 250 – 350 weight range at 17 years old !

  2. You can change the gender and still get the same perspective: “marriage is pointless: meaning the definition and value of marriage has changed to where unless a woman has matching education, earning potential and ambition she is unmarriable rather than marriage being defined as collaborative child-rearing between two interested, if different, parties..” Actually, nothing has changed. The rich still marry the rich. And the poor just suffer. If you are a poor woman the chances of a fairly better of, well to do man, giving you the time of day is slim to none. Just read Charlotte Bronte’s classic “Jane Eyre for an understanding of why the wealthy gentleman is ashamed of himself for looking twice at a degenerate lower class woman. Society is just as it always has been. And the same is still true for a poor man, just as it always has been, that the chances of a rich woman giving a poor man the time of day is slim to none. Except at the end of Jane Eyre, when she comes back to him, now he is blind, disabled and poor, and she is educated and wealthy. The tables have turned and she feels sorry for him and decides that she will take care of him and love him. Perhaps this is also a fairy tale ending.

  3. Isn’t that a strange twist of hypocrisy: once, men earned more than women who were unskilled and uneducated in the professional fields. Now, women earn more, are educated and skilled in the professional world, but don’t want to marry less educated, less skilled, and financially unstable men.

    There’s a huge benefit of security, esteem, and trust, that comes from parents who provide a loving home. I like the idea of only one parent working, but unfortunately, costs of necessities don’t seem to ever, ever, go down: rent, water, and electricity. Those three things, I think, have always put a dent in financial stability; hell, the apt I rented five years ago is nearly twice as much as before! It’s the same place! =\

    • I agree 100% It would be nice for one parent to work and the other to stay home with the kids (father or mother), but since wages are receding and the cost of living is going up, it is impossible for a low income family to exist as it might have not too long ago. Great comment, Carl. I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. This is a great post, Aaron. It’s witty and comical with that seriousness to its satirical edge. 🙂 As someone who’s just been married, I want you to know, I’m doing my bit to change things! 😉

      • Aww, you are too, too lovely! 🙂 We had an utterly amazing wedding. Have been boring people with all of the wedding chat on my other blog, lol! We will hopefully go on honeymoon at some point, but not yet. 😦

      • I understand that. Honeymoons are definitely expensive. I hope you go someplace fun. I would love to go to the south of France or anyplace Europe, maybe even Scotland. I have to have someone to go with, but who knows.

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