The Job Hunt Thus Far



23 thoughts on “The Job Hunt Thus Far

  1. I came here to thank you for liking my “Beatnik Singer” post, but I have to say I like this illustration because I can relate to your job hunting frustration. I am looking for work too, and mostly what I find are short-term contract jobs. They usually don’t pay very much, and most of the time I wonder if the people who hire me will honor their contracts and actually pay me. Anyway, I hope things will improve for you. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Wow. So I’m assuming there’s no market for illustrators in Utah. Because your comic’s are amazing. I would hope you could make a living with your art? Oh or be an art teacher…..that’s fun…

    • There is a market for illustrators in Utah. My brother is a commercial illustrator makin’ the big bucks. The problem is the number of illustrators and illustration majors in Utah.

      I guess the problem is I have never tried to get a job as an illustrator. I now have a portfolio after bloggin here for a year, but only a little of that work is digital, most is done the old way and then scanned in. As I learn the technology and solidify my skills with modern tools, I will build the confidence to compete against the students being churned out by BYU, UVU, UofU, USU, SUU & DSU.

      Maybe this time next year. That is kinda the goal. Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

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