Small House


I sketched this up quickly using Google-Sketch. I’ve been fooling around with drawing small homes for years. The challenge is to draw a one-thousand square foot, three-bedroom home. A one story home is easy. I have always been challenged by drawing two-story small homes at the same square footage.


15 thoughts on “Small House

    • TV is an issue. I don’t watch tv, but loads of people do, I have to think about how I can do this. Sauna?!? Well, if one doesn’t need the space for kids, the bed room closest to the bathroom could be converted. Honestly, kids sleep on the couch about as well as they do a bed . . . so not that big a deal.

  1. TV is important. We watch documents, world news, history, travel, actual info around the world, budgeting, economy.

    In Finland we have Sauna. I think that You do not know what is Sauna, what it contains and how to use it.

    Here my post which reveals how to use it with photos. It has two parts. First on: Mobile Sauna. Second: Our home Sauna.

    Finnish Sauna.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Beautiful Aaron. There’s an old Taoist expression that a persons home should fit them like a glove my hermitage is 230 sq. feet and quite comfortable with NO wasted space.

    • I like the idea of mini houses. I think I would be quite comfortable in one and indeed, there is no wasted space. I have been thinking about Mayor Bloomberg’s challenge to New York architects: design a 300 square foot, one bedroom apartment. My idea is near there and as soon as I have it, I’ll post it.

  3. We don’t have a tv but watch movies and shows on a computer. The computer workstation is near enough the living room that I I think with a slight shift in furniture arrangement that would be no problem. Nice work!

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