18 thoughts on “Scotty

    • Scotty is an amazing man and represents so much to so many. I have friends who studied physics and electrical engineering because of him.

      I’ve been thinking about working on Sulu or Uhura next. We’ll see.

    • I know. That funny sidelong look he gave people when talking to them. It was one of the best mannerisms Scotty. It really gave him a lot of character.

      Thank you too for the “like.” WP for all its greatness, does stumble at times.

      • Nor did XKCD in the beginning, but now his stick figure art is great and the writing is fantastic. My challenge has been to draw cartoons, draw quickly and draw identically each time. Right now I’m trying to learn how to use my new Wacom Tablet. There have been a lot of challenges, but I am starting to become comfortable. Soon, I will start working more on caricatures and speed rather than portrait studies. I do appreciate what you are saying and thank you for being amazingly kind. I am very grateful.

  1. Captain Kirk to Scotty, “I need more power, Scotty!”
    Scotty to Captain Kirk, “I’m givin’ er all she’s got cap’n. If I push er anymore, she’s likely to blow!”

    Scotty loved his Enterprise. I remember the episode, ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’ and when Scotty and the crew got into a fight, Captain Kirk asked what started the fight and Scotty told him about what derogatory remarks the Klingons had made about the Captain. The captain then asked if the fight broke out over that and Scotty said, “no sir!” It was when the Klingons called the Enterprise a garbage scull!” The expression on the Captain’s face was hilarious. I loved me some Scotty! Heck! I loved them all!

    Thanks for this one, it is great!!!

  2. I haven’t been to your place in quite a while. Your work has markedly improved. Did you go stand at the crossroads like bluesman Robt. Johnson and make a deal with the devil or something. My goodness, impressive celebrity portraits and everything.

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