Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy


A Portrait Study


18 thoughts on “Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy

    • He was the perfect foil for Spock. As a tandem, they are my favorite pair in all popular media. Hard sarcasm paired with over the top reactionary emotion. These two and Kirk are what made the original Star Trek the best televised science fiction of all time.

  1. I also agree with your comment on television and how mediocre the shows have become. I cannot tell you the last time I sat down and watched tv. In fact, I hardly know what is on these days. I miss all the old shows. They had such depth, what this newfangled mess lacks! Sigh…! The good ole days Aaron! I miss em!

  2. Absolutely Spock and ‘Bones’ were the perfect foil for each other. Spocks’ logic and ‘Bone’s passion and when they collided, oh wow! I remember a couple episodes when Captain Kirk would intervene and say, “gentlemen, gentlemen.” It was hilarious! Oh gosh! Those shows wil never grow old. Oh Aaron, you’ve simply got to do one of Uhura. Remember her and Captain Kirk enjoyed the first ‘interracial kiss’ and those who were behind the scenes were reluctant to show it, but it got shown anyway. A first! What I loved about the original Star Trek is that it set a precedent for people of ALL ethnicities or from different planets, getting along on one ship. Their missions were peaceful and not meant to hurt or decimate another race of beings on any other planet. For that particular era, they really stepped out of the comfort zone and took on the issues of the day. The minds behind that show are to be commended for “boldly going where no man had gone before!”

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