Dining with Children: An Actual Question


This is part of a comic I wanted to post for yesterday, but I’m still recovering from the flu. The second I got home yesterday, I fell asleep and did not wake up until just now. I doodled this up quickly on my tablet. I am still learning how to use it. Line quality is a huge issue, but I’ll get there.


9 thoughts on “Dining with Children: An Actual Question

  1. I have started using a sketchboard ..initial days were difficult..but i am a little better now …. its been long you visited my site 😦 hopefully..if I could get some feedback from you on the quality of my drawings !

    • I’ve actually had some problems with those I’ve been following. I find their sites as before and notice the “following” option is turned off. I like WordPress very much, but it is a bit buggy sometimes. I apologize.

      I think you are having more success with the Wacom than I am. I am doing some art studies to see if I can get the pen action to feel more accurate.

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