Utah’s Reaction to Sandy Hook: Armed Teachers


Please Read: Salt Lake Tribune, KSL, The Blaze, Foxnews, and Deseret News.


5 thoughts on “Utah’s Reaction to Sandy Hook: Armed Teachers

  1. This is pretty much what I said the appropriate solution was. The ideology from the right is that gun-free areas are areas full of easy victims. To arm teachers would provide protection for children in schools (especially at the younger ages when they are always accompanied by a teacher) while simultaneously avoiding a national bickering over civilian gun control.

    Admittedly, this is not quite the image I had in mind. I envisioned teachers carrying ammunition on them at all times, with an unloaded handgun locked in a safe in the classroom they held the key to. The key would keep anyone but the teacher from getting the gun, and even if the key were stolen and the gun accessed in an unauthorized manner, it would still be near-useless because the teacher has the ammunition.

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