Grover Norquist: Tax Activist


7 thoughts on “Grover Norquist: Tax Activist

      • Do you think so? Maybe I should give it a go… nothing ventured and nothing gained and all that! Any tips for where to start?

        Thank you very much for the overly generous comment. I can definitely say I’ve improved since I started!!! 🙂

      • Tips: Look for shapes in faces. For me, Obama’s face is an arrow pointing down. Romney was a bottle of dishwashing fluid. Grover here is a slice of cheese. Once I have a basic shape, then I fill in the blanks.

        The nice thing about your comic is that the writing has always been good. Sometimes, I wish I had better writing. I also love that you have solid characters. I develop a character and then quit on it. I think you’ve improved and I know I have. I draw faster and my drawings are stronger now. I just need to find a more common thread. I am all over the place.

      • Why thank you, Aaron. I really appreciate that. I have a lot that I’m going to have re-do or improve because sometimes I really rush them and I shouldn’t! I’m bad for trying to do a few things at once, so that makes things suffer… You’re doing a fantastic job. Your toons always look skilled and professional and your figures (the ones I know of) are always recognisable.

        These are really great tips you’ve given me, thank you! 🙂

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