Benghazi Scapegoat: CIA’s Petraeus

Please see: Wired Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Benghazi Scapegoat: CIA’s Petraeus

  1. Hillary manned up and took responsibility for lack of ambassy security. Everybody yawned. Now they’re blaming Petraeus. There may be many plenty of fault to spread around but I think the buck stops elsewhere.

    Presidents get impeached for covering up B&E’s and BJ’s. This time Americans died and the administration responded to an act of war by blaming a utube movie. The election may put this matter off for a little while but it isn’t going away.

    • I agree 100%. Nixon won his re-election while WG was brewing, but then afterward, facing impeachment, resigned giving us Ford who turned out to be a fairly decent guy. Whatever happens with Obama, if he is impeached later, we get Biden. Biden is no Ford and is a bigger dolt than Gore. This is my fear of a new Obama presidency.

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