Joss Whedon, the Press and the Electoral College Map

Please read: Michelle & Douglas.


5 thoughts on “Joss Whedon, the Press and the Electoral College Map

  1. Why do Americans drink so much Lite Beer? I realise that’s a sweeping statement and probably silly to ask a Mormon. 😉 But I wonder: if you’re going to have something bad for you, why not just go the whole way?

    PS I hope it doesn’t annoy you that I comment on totally bizarre aspects of your work. I also thinks that an impressively huge nose, and I can see that putting the shirt on wouldn’t be a bother for him. But once winter hits, will he manage a sweater? 😉

    • Point 2, first) it will be a long sweater kind of like a condom.

      Point 1, second) I can not answer the question about beer. I couldn’t even describe the smell. My beer drinking friends tell me, Lite Beer is for panty-waists or women. The women I know who drink prefer wine or cocktails.

      One of my neighbors here is from Glasgow and thinks American lager sucks no matter which way you go. Of course, I tell him Irn-Bru is watered down tang with bubbles. I’ve never had the stuff, but it’s good to keep him humble.

      Not helpful, but there you go.

  2. Yay for Wisconsin! For the record, many of my female friends here and I drink craft brews, but people of my parent’s generation and “the kids” one generation behind me seem to stick to the cheap swill. Darned generational generalizations.

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