The Debates: My Take

I have now watched the debates twice each and read the transcripts. When I judge, I do not judge by aggression, zingers or campaign jingoism. In fact, on the third count, jingoism, I count that against the candidate who uses it. So debate one was a tie. Debate two was slightly to Romney. Debate three was way to Romney.

In the last two debates, I chose Romney because Obama was going for the cheap shot instead of staying above board.

Cheap shots are for the surrogates and the VPs. Not the Presidential candidates.

Was there deception? Yes, through spin primarily. In debate one, it was even. In debate two the President spun a bit more than Romney. In the third debate, the President spun a lot more. To me, spin is not lying or just misdirection and reinterpretation to fit certain opinions. Many people think spin is lying. I do not.

There were two blatant lies coming from the President (others claim a third, but I don’t think so).

The first is the President did try to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraq and at the time felt a small American presence would be in our interests (did you hear the President mumble five-thousand troops). The President simply could not pull it off. SOFA failure is not a big deal, but denying the attempt is problematic.

The US has SOFA agreements with many nations, like Japan and South Korea. These agreements are highly political in the host nations and often the citizenry regrets. The SOFA agreements are renegotiated often. That the President failed in this is not the problem, denying he wanted a SOFA is.

The second untruth the President told was regarding Romney’s position on the GM bankruptcy. It turns out, Romney was not lying about the contents of his New York Times OP-ED. Romney has never called for the liquidation of GM. Other Republicans and a few Democrats did. I wanted bankruptcy proceedings and a renegotiation of all contracts and liabilities. The Times headline said: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” but Romney never said it. The headline was written by the Opinion Editor. Yeah, dirty pool. The President knows better and should not have mislead viewers about what Romney said in his own OP-ED. Romney did say: “But don’t ask Washington to give shareholders and bondholders a free pass — they bet on management and they lost.” Romney felt the stockholders deserved to lose and that is simply because Wall Street investment is a risk and risk-takers need to take their loses. Romney is not saying Detroit needs to flushed down the toilet, only that the stockholders (fellow Republicans for the most part) should take their lumps for tolerating a weak and corrupt management team at GM.

The rest is spin. Romney spun and Obama spun. This is not lying and I’m smart enough to know the difference.

How the President really lost for many people and I thought the President was being patronizing and insulting. I think people saw this and the President will eventually pay for this.


4 thoughts on “The Debates: My Take

  1. Very eloquently spoken. Your words touched on all points. This campaign has been one of the worst for me, for I’m older now and most of the “topics” concern me about my near future. I appreciate your feedback on what you saw, heard and felt. This has helped me to know others are truly listening and not putting on blinders just because of affiliation.

    • Thank you very much. I surrendered ideas of party affiliation years ago. I wish others would as well. I think elections would be more interesting if the electorate all registered to vote as “unaffiliated.”

  2. Rush Limbaugh, when he was getting started on radio, learned it was best not to insult people when debating them. Courtesy, along with honesty, can definitely swing the electorate.

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