Middle Class Taxes–Second Presidential Debate

I am listening to the debate again. I like this debate much better.

Moderator. I like Candy Crowley the most. She was more proactive than Lehrer or as psychotic as Raddatz. She did a great job.

Romney. Mitt did a better job in this debate. He was much more clear. I understand what he is saying with his five point plan. I actually agree with them as well, so good on him. I do think Mitt was very rude when did not shake the presidents hand. That was trite.

Obama. The president did much better. I am glad he did, because last time he came across last time as as big a loser as Al Gore (though not as delusional of course). I glad he did not come across as idiotic as Joe Biden. I liked the President’s energy and commitment. I am also very glad the president finally took responsibility for Libya (my comic). However, this took way too long. He should have done this on day one and then used his diplomatic action to speak for him. This is where the president failed in the last month.

My Take. I am giving this one to Romney in spite of his trite behavior at the end of the debate. The President did not focus on the future, but focused on Romney smearing his opponent for the last three minutes. The President was relying on leftist rhetoric about Romney instead of saying what the President will do during the next four years instead of saying “I will not be Mitt Romney.” The President has demanded that Romney be specific, but the President has not shown what the specifics of four more years will be.

The President needs to come forward and say what he is going to other than raise taxes on the rich. I want to know the specifics of how he will be cutting taxes on the middle class. Mr. President reciprocate. DO what you want Romney to do. Be Specific.


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