Hillary Clinton: Taking a Bullet for the Team

I was planning on a different comic and even have the silly thing sketched up and then while I was cooking my dinner (chicken breasts in my handy-dandy toaster oven) I heard Hillary Clinton’s statement to the press expressing responsibility for the Benghazi mess.

Man that pissed me off. Yes, the State Department failed, but a good leader takes responsibility and Hillary Clinton is currently being the true leader in the administration, not the President.

Personally, I would like the President to stop sending Axelrod out to the talk-shows to explain what happened. Axelrod is a campaign spokesperson, not a member of the executive branch. On top of that, when Biden claimed during the debate no one told him or the President about the attack or what happened extra security requests and implied he still didn’t know understand the requirements only shows incompetence (sorry about the errors–I noticed this after I published).

I do not think the President is incompetent, but I do think my comic reflects how many people feel about how Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the bus by the administration. I want the President to come out during the debate and admit he knew what was happening, when it was happening and finally clear the air. The only thing is, he never will. His campaign’s obfuscation of this huge administration failure is a perfect example of their entire mission to re-elect the president. How George W. Bush of him.


11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Taking a Bullet for the Team

  1. I would have been suprised if The President segwayed to the incident. But he didn’t shy away when it came up. He took responsibility for the mess and he could have easily dodged it.

    • I agree.

      I’m re-listening to the debate right now and I find he did good on this issue during the debate, but for the weeks leading up to the debate, he did not. So, when it finally counted, he did claim responsibility.

    • I really like Obama, but I wish he would be willing to be a bit more take charge. It is interesting when the Secretary of State is the one who finally has to be the one to pony up instead of the president.

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