Joe Biden

I still don’t like Joe Biden. I listened to the debate again while playing WoW. I am giving the edge in the debate to Ryan, but only because Biden made a fool out of himself and every serious minded democrat I know.


8 thoughts on “Joe Biden

    • I think my dislike is a little neurotic and so I question it, so I am very glad there are people who do like him and I am so glad you like my cartoon. I appreciate it. I am trying hard to like Biden, but I have had so much difficulty with that. Who knows . . . maybe I’ll figure it out.

      • I don’t think you should have to try hard to like someone. I personally cannot support someone that is disrespectful to the American people. Perhaps this may seem a bit harsh but I feel that Biden thinks he is above it all and this is why he was not honorable during the debate. His lack of regard for the American people during the debate was horrible. He kept interrupting so much that it was difficult for me to hear Ryan’s argument to it’s fullest.He was not only disrespectful to Ryan but he was also disrespectful to us too!

      • I agree with you about how disrespectful he is. He just creats strong feelings of revulsion that I find surprising for someone I don’t even know. If I knew him personally, I would know what it is, but from interviews and on television are not enough to form this kind of opinion. I would rather know why I dislike a person from personal experience.

    • That is definitely a possibility, but I think he was trying to get others to perceive “bullshit” about what Ryan was saying without having to repeat “malarkey” anymore than he had to.

      Long term, I think the effectiveness of that type of rhetoric will be similar to what Al Gore did with dubya, especially if Romney/Ryan win.

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