Vice-Presidential Debate

I watched the debate and found Joe Biden distasteful. This is not fair of course since I have disliked Biden since the early 90s. Joe Biden is the worst Vice-Presidential candidate of all time except one: Sarah Palin. There was no way I could ever give Biden the benefit of the doubt, because I think he is useless. Biden’s performance tonight only makes my opinion of him worse. What a moron.

I listened to the debate instead of watching a second time to hear if I could be at least a little bit more fair the democratic ticket. Substantially, I think Ryan beat him, but Biden’s goal tonight was not to provide substance but to smear Romney. This is standard for the VP when the incumbent is losing. I also think Biden was not trying to talk to independent voters, but is trying to reconnect with democrats that are moving toward Romney. Some of my moderate democratic friends are unhappy with the President and do not think he represents now what he represented in 2008. Most of these teetering democrats are also Mormon like me and are unhappy with the rapid atheistization of the Democratic party. They don’t like Romney/Ryan any better than do I, but are beginning to be swayed to the right by the betrayal of their party. These voters are who Biden was talking to.

I am still undecided, but Libya-gate is going to be the deciding factor for me (here Biden was nothing more than a speaking red-herring). The President must be clear, concise and spin-free and get off the stump or I will decide against him. I think most undecided voters feel the same way I do.

Even if the President would rather politic, we need the truth about Libya and no more obfuscation by surrogates like Stephanie Cutter and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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