Mitt Romney 4.3.42x (beta)

Princess Leia Organa has every right to be dismayed. How can Mitt R. be a moderate? No the world is ending and the Empire is upon us.

The news is buzzing about how Mitt Romney is a moderate. That should have been blazingly obvious after the last debate. I was surprised back in February when he said he is a severe conservative and drew this comic about it then.

This summer, I drew another comic about this when the Obama campaign was smearing Romney.

My problem with Romney runs along this vein: Mitt Romney reinvents himself in an almost abusive manner. That he is actually a moderate is a plus, but his plastic, malleable nature to his annoying flip-flopperie is something I hate. During the primaries, I was pulling for Huntsman. I think he would have been a great candidate. Romney though is problematic.

Please see: Huffington Post & Wall Street Journal


11 thoughts on “Mitt Romney 4.3.42x (beta)

  1. Romney has been playing the game of, I’m a Liberal, now a moderate, now a conservative, back to moderate. Like I say, its a game he is playing, and keeps getting away with it, because he knows that the media won’t call him out on it.

    • Or that’s what they want. With most editors and media owners being quite libertarian in nature (fiscal conservative & social liberal), they like it when politicians are the same way.

  2. It seems to me, a moderate has a flexible philosophy, drifting wherever current events take him. He can claim to be open minded and eager to compromise- it’s easy, without core beliefs to tie him down.

    • To a lot of people that is a great philosophy and mind set. My biggest issue is that during the primaries, the repubs bought into a philosophical model much different than what they got. To me, this is deceptive. There were candidates who were quite moderate, but who were pushed out because they were not conservative enough for the tea-party or the evangelicals. My problem with Mitt from the beginning is that he has lied about being moderate ever since he was governor of Massachusetts. Lying about one’s core world-vew is a more serious issue than taxes and policy and why I have never liked Mitt.

  3. Mitt wasn’t my first choice. Mitt is not a conservative, though he sometimes displays conservative ideas. I guess I don’t see what Mitt is presenting as lying. (But I haven’t a comparision to make, as I did not know Mitt as governor or much about him pre primaries). Meanwhile, I know Obama is a liar because he has told some whoppers about what he has done in his first term.

    During the primaries the difference between Tea Party/conservatives vs moderate/center/center right deeped my dislike for what I see as the watered downed wishy washy world view of the moderate. You are making me realize that the moderate is wrong -to me- simply because he isn’t far enough to the right.

    Is Mitt a moderate? He sure isn’t a conservative. He’s not a liberal. For now, the most important thing is that I believe Mitt is not a statist. Obama is. I must vote for the nonstatist.

    • I’d support you for a decision like that. It is reasoned and thoughtful and has some ideology (a bit o’libertarianism tossed in for fun).

      I don’t agree that being a moderate is wishy-washy, but that is just me. I think MItt is a fair-market Capitalist with a twinge of minarchism tossed in. At the same time, I thnk he knows the American electorate still wants some social programs. When he discusses the social safety-net, I think he is sincere. He has been consistent about the size of government (less then 20% of gdp–right now we are over at 25-30% which is still far less than Europe).

      I would like Mitt to do simple changes to minimalize both the social network and the military-industrial complex by reducing/eliminating duplication, waste-fraud-abuse, military bone-yards/dead-fleets through sales, all industrial/business subsidies, cold war era military purchases, military instillation in NATO countries & Japan and the hundreds of federal programs that duplicate state programs. While I like PBS, I would jettison all programs that have a political bias. As an artist (poet, I don’t think my comics count), I would minimize all arts subsidies–the great artists all had jobs back in the day and/or patrons. There are thousands more, but core programs need to be maintained.

      I think combined federal/state/local government size should be below 18% of GDP. I think the retirement age should be increased to seventy-five. I think public-sector labor unions should be completely eliminated at the federal level–I think they are a threat to national security. I want the Affordable Care Act rolled nationwide with no waivers for any person, state or organization to the point medicare, medicaid, similar state & federal health programs and all private health insurance companies no longer exist (see, there is a socialist in me–this mandate and the size of government requirements will by fiat keep the executive branch from waging wars of aggression). Tort reform must be enacted eliminating predatory lawyers–medical malpractice should be criminalized (and no, doctors and lawyers do not need to be paid more than teachers with similar levels of education).

      Education must be reformed and anything put forward by the unions must be ignored. Contemporary unions are greedy and promote negligent mediocrity in every industry or institution they touch. Teachers should be part of professional organizations like doctors, lawyers and engineers and must pass bar-examinations explicit to their disciplines not education as a whole. The professional organizations then are part of the discussion with parents, government and industry.

      Oh crap, I’m ranting. Sorry and I didn’t even get to the environment.

      • Yep, I wish so, too — but he’s a CEO who makes his living buying and selling businesses — not running any one business. He is so used to wearing only the profit hat, and performing a million versions of himself to get the deal, that this is nothing new. He seems determined to represent himself as everything to everyone, and the sad result if he’s elected, will be that he will fall short and break promises, no matter what he does….

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