Steve Jobs–Dead One Year

I am a MAC user, but I am not a sheeple. My roommate works at a scrapbooking company where every computer in the facility is a MAC. My roommates boss has Windows and OSX running side-by-side, but not through Bootcamp. Their network is running like crap because the IT guy is an Apple fanatic.

I love MACs, but it is not good for everything and in fact OSX sucks for a great many things. Business software runs better on Windows. So do games.

I also know, when I buy a new cellphone, I’ll be buying an Android phone and right now I am considering a Nexus 7 tablet.

Steve Jobs did a lot of good, but he is not the everything to technology that some people want him to be.


10 thoughts on “Steve Jobs–Dead One Year

  1. The whole pretentiousness and over hype that surrounded Macs is ridiculous for what they are. I own a beast of a PC and gaming and design programs are bliss. Going back to a Mac just wouldn’t feel right for me. The lack of right click would frustrate me now too. I could go on a rant on this subject, best stop here. Awesome illustration!

    • Thanks for the compliment, I do appreciate it. (note: I use PCs, too. I like design on MACs better, but business software on a PC better. I am boycotting all games right now, but I’m picking my battles)

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