American Fork Junior High School: Resource English and Math

Classes were so easy today. I team taught (crowd control) three classes and administered a test in the one class I taught today. The English teacher is recovering from back surgery, so I was her legs. I walked around poking kids who wouldn’t shut up and made sure they were focused. I also did some copies and other errands for her. In math, I walked around and did one on ones with students who did not get dividing fractions. I know a couple of cheats, so the students were way stoked to get those.

The test went well except I had to throw one of the students out. He was being an obstruction and a very loud distraction, so I sent him next door to the teacher I was team teaching math with. That teacher is way old school and made him stand with his nose in the corner. I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with the attitude-disabled, but when it interferes with other kids taking a test, especially kids who need the quiet because of disabilities or unfamiliarity with academics (new immigrants from Mexico), I have a fairly low tolerance. I want them to succeed. I also wanted mister rotten-attitude to succeed, but he wasn’t having it.

Now to an interesting subject. Here in Utah and in many states, the federal government has required that all school lunches be reduced to less than 850 calories including the juice and milk. The kids hate it and hate that next year most schools will no longer carry pizza, corn-dogs and other fast food. American Fork and many other junior highs and middle schools give teachers and substitutes free lunch. I never pass up free food. On Friday, the lunch was not too bad. The ham was over done, but the salad and whole grain rolls were good. Today, the chicken nuggets were dry and salty, but the cooked mixed veggies and finger foods were very yummy. I don’t drink milk because milk hates me and the juice has always been grape, so I avoid it.

The portions are small, but the food is not too bad. I know the kids want more, but I think they will adjust to what they are getting and will stop complaining. The question is: does this address the adolescent, obesity epidemic? I don’t think so. Many of the kids, especially the target population, have back packs filled with candy, cookies and soda. While the lunch room is doing its part, parents and the kids are not. This is one area where many parents are failing their kids. Attitudes at home need to change.


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