Who Votes and Who Shouldn’t

One of the biggest issues today, or well often in cable news is should everyone vote or should those who have no idea what is going stay home?


4 thoughts on “Who Votes and Who Shouldn’t

    • I’m the same way. I think everyone should vote, but then I think everyone should be paying attention to politics at a more fundamental level then just the evening news.

      Thanks, I’m glad you stopped by.

    • Who do leftists’ vote for in the US? You have a centre/right party and a far right evangelical party. At least in Canada we have a slightly more left than centre/left part we can choose (NDP).

      • Well, one could vote for Rose-Ann Barr. She is representing the Peace and Freedom Party. In her interviews, she says she is a socialist and seems to espouse many Leftist values. I don’t think many people take her seriously, though. Jill Stein is representing the Green Party and is a serious candidate with access to enough electoral college votes to win should she garner the votes (she won’t even come close, but will show better than Rose Ann Bar).

        Keep in mind, for politics in America, the perception of the mainstream Republican Party is that it is center-right and that the Democratic Party is center-left to far left.

        Tea-Partiers and Evangelical-Republicans (supposedly not the same thing) are far-right, but not on the same issues–fiscal-conservatives vs social-conservatives–however, there is some overlap. Then there is the extreme far-right Libertarian followers of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

        Interestingly, a communist friend of mine from France, skews Democrats like President Obama as center-right. As far as she and I can tell, communists here are supporting President Obama. So, to answer your question: leftists would be voting for President Obama, Jill Stein or Rose Ann Barr.

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