Life in Space: Container Living

I always wondered how people would live in space. Sure, sci-fi shows us how crew members live in space ships and how essential crew on space stations live. But what about the hoards? I hope it turns out nice when five hundred years from now people are actually living up there forming economies and governments not based on Earth. I kinda think we’ll be living in container like homes. Homes that more closely simulate the trailer park, prefabricated homes here on Earth. Maybe or maybe not with the same negative stigma trailer-parks here have. Yes, the rich will always live better, but I doubt the middle-class and poorer will be able to.



On Saturday morning 09/29/2012, I was placed on the Freshly Pressed page here at Word Press. Tons of people then stopped by (and still are). Thanks for coming over, taking a look and commenting if you do. I am very glad you came by.

Saturday night/Sunday morning after a DnD/Pathfinder game with some freinds (yes, I am a geek), I found I was nominated for a Diamond Star Award from BlOcean Awards. I really appreciate this and am quite amazed.

I accept the award and at the same time, I’d like to thank the many great bloggers who have been following me for the last ten months (especially my biggest supporters: Pete, Michelle, Don, Matt, Marek, Raymond, Carl, Max, Hansi, Michael, John, Wayne, Katy and Mary). No one succeeds without friends and these guys as well my friends on Facebook and Twitter and my family are my biggest inspirations.

Thank you for stopping by and also those who nominated me and of course to the awesome editor who put me on the Freshly Pressed page.


67 thoughts on “Life in Space: Container Living

  1. As much as I look forward to people living in space permanently, its depressing to think it will probably end up likes most things on Earth; used to death, fueled by corporate greed and completely unimpressive compared to how its viewed today.

    Maybe it will make people long for the golden age of space travel of the late 20th and early 21st century?

    • Boy, it sure might. I love how the sci-fi artists portray the future, but it is always impractical. The future, in my opinion and apparently yours, will be as run down hand to mouth as it is today except for the very rich.

  2. What an awesome post. I am a total weirdo cuz I love talking about and thinking about the future, space, technology…but I cant seem to get through a Sci-Fi novel.

    Lets see…in the future i predict: Donald Trump’s grandkids will own their own planet….HTML will be studied by school kids like we now study old Latin…dogs will be able to mate with cats (AHHH!)…and the United States will still be dumb enough to keep only two political parties on the ballot.

    Love your post. Keep up those great ideas.

    • I hate difficulties with Sci-Fi novels, too. But like comic books, Schi-Fi novels were written for adolescent boys . . . most of the time. I struggle with them, too.

      I like your assumptions/predictions for the future. I don’t know about the Trump one, though. I don’t think his kids are as smart as he is and he’s not all that bright.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey! Congrats on the Freshly Pressed! Keep the good stuff coming. 🙂
    But 500? I want it in 10. We have the money, we just need the political will. If there’s money for corporate bailouts and endless wars, there’s money for great works that could unite humanity with their scope and vision.
    But really I suspect the hoards will be looking longingly at the ruined brown sky while the rich move into space to escape. I’m a bit of a pessimist you might say. 😉

    • Oooo . . . and it is my pessimism that says eventually the rich are going to kick the rest of us out so they can enjoy a “pristine” world with a “manageable” carbon footprint. I do agree with your timeline, but I think people are making way to much money with the status-quo, so why change.

      Thanks for stopping by again, its good to see you. I’m am so excited about being freshly pressed. The comments and new visitors has been great!

  4. I’m writing a sci-fi novel, though it is pretty much planet-bound, I will write one some day about people living in space. Since the ‘verse I write in is dystopian, I think the 4x4x24 model might fit in quite well, if you don’t mind, of course; you’d even get a 1st edition signed copy 😉

    • Thanks so much. It’s been fun and amazing and a hug distraction. Between football and watching stats, I haven’t been doing what should have been: drawing!

      Thanks for stopping by Julz, I love that skyline drawing. It is awesome!

  5. Saw Looper the other day, and its imagining of the future (+/- 2050) seemed both accurate and depressing… I like the container idea. Thanks for visiting/liking my comic! I’ll keep an eye on this.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mr. Jep. I haven’t seen Looper yet. I’m one of those that waits for the crowds to dissipate. Prolly next week or so. BTW: I am an architectural art junkie. Great post!

  6. I have always wondered how they get food, water , oxygen on 4 years round trip proposed for Mars. I hope I never get freshly pressed although it is an accomplishment. A bazillion pay back visits -yikes. Have not been receiving your notifications.

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