How long did it take for Amb. Chris Stevens to get to the hospital?

(The map shows likely routes the dead or dying Ambassador Stevens might have taken to medical attention in Benghazi. The map is not even reasonably accurate meaning use Google Maps and not this to get around Benghazi.)

I listen to a lot of news. Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, local, radio, etc. and I hear a lot of junk, but I also hear some interesting stuff. One of the interesting things I’ve noticed missing from the reporting on the Benghazi, Libya US Embassy Assault is an exact time-line for Ambassador Chris Stevens life after the attack began. Loads of guessing and idiocy, but nothing reputable.

My Guess

More than one media moron has said Ambassador Stevens was paraded through the streets of Benghazi a-la Somalia, but at the same time I’ve heard other media morons say the people of Benghazi liked Ambassador Stevens. I’m guessing the people who took possession of the dead or dying Amb. Stevens after the attack, the ones in the many pictures, were trying to take him to the hospital and were probably being good neighbors and good Muslims (though I don’t know this for sure). Islam does put a lot of emphasis on being good hosts and good neighbors (this I do know). In Korea, I’ve seen bodies drug from accidents in Seoul and stuffed into taxis. The scene of the Ambassador being carried around looked exactly like that. My guess is the neighbors grabbed the Ambassador and crammed him into a taxi. In Korea, everyone ignores ambulances, but will get out of a taxi’s way because taxi drivers are (often) nuts and will run you over. I’ll bet Libyans ignore ambulances as well for the same reason.

The next problem is that many people overseas are not sure if Americans should be treated medically at local hospitals. There are (or were–things might’ve changed) hospitals in Seoul that will not treat Americans out of liability concerns. This might be the case in Benghazi, too. We Americans tend to be a bit litigious no matter where we live. So, my guess, the locals in their taxi skipped four closer hospitals to get the dead or dying ambassador to the Benghazi Medical Center. I believe Ambassador Stevens was not dead yet as one report said the Ambassador died of smoke inhalation at the Benghazi Medical Center. Once the Ambassador died and the hospital learned where to leave the now dead Ambassador, they then dropped him off at the airport in the possession of those capable of caring for his corpse.

The Problem

Unfortunately, no one is saying what happened. Idiots, like me, are saying stupid things in the place of good information. I would like to see something useful, but the government is not saying anything until the FBI finishes its investigation. The problem here is that this gives the State Department time to diplomatize the facts to the point where we learn nothing. I do not think State should be involved and I do not think we should be allow the FBI to hide anything like they like to.

This would be the time for true transparency. I doubt the State Department has the courage, however.


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