Life in Space: Some Background

I mentioned back in August that I had a project I was going to launch now in September. I want to take my political cartoons in another direction. The reason is simple: many people have been insulted by what I was doing before. I am not interested in insulting anyone. I am interested in expanding the conversation.

This comic and the next two are a little background. I only want to provide a little information and then let more background dribble out as time goes on. My comic on September 13 and yesterday were the first comics in this series. I wanted to draw comics for this series on the 14th and 15th, but I was amazingly sick. I posted very quick drawings in place of the comics that needed to appear. That won’t happen again.

I will still draw the occasional portrait and map, but my focus will be telling a story and using the metaphors of Science Fiction to explore American Politics.

(This comic was drawn with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen and a TUL 0.7 ball point pen; shaded with an INC Chisel Tip Permanent Marker; sketched with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


6 thoughts on “Life in Space: Some Background

  1. I’ve never thought your work was insulting. Even when I don’t agree with you, I think you present different perspectives with a kind of acerbic intelligence. And great drawing style. Anyway I look forward to following your new direction

    • Thank you so much, but I deleted a lot of comments that if they weren’t so angry I would have posted. I like opposition, I don’t like anger and hatred.

      I hope a slight change in direction will help conversation instead of invective spite.

      Thanks again, I hope we’ll have some fun.

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