American Dream

This is a continuation of an earlier comic where I compare Glenn Beck to Richard Dawkins (yes, I know there is still a couple outstanding comments I’ve to respond to–I will, I’m still dealing with extreme allergies, work and continuing comics, but I will respond). This time, I am showing a Beck quote (p3) against a sentiment several libertarians I know feel about the American Dream and the middle class (p4): that the American Dream is so mythical it never existed in the first place.

Beck differentiates libertarians as “Big-L” libertarians and “Little-l” libertarians where he is a “little-l.” I tend to mock the libertarians I know, but Beck says my mocking is out of place in that no libertarian is really a racist, filled with hate or really very short-sighted. He says most are people very concerned with the path the US is on. The best way to sum up the difference, in my opinion, is that Big-Ls are more delusional than Little-ls and much more inclined to turn off funding to schools and the disabled; legalize drugs and suspend all international relationships the US has. Maybe Beck should refer to the two types as Big-Dicks and Little-Dicks.

(This comic was drawn with a black TUL 0.7 ballpoint pen, a Fine Point Sharpie; shaded with a INC Chisel Tip Permanent Marker; sketched with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter and a green Zebra Zebrite Bible Highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


3 thoughts on “American Dream

    • It’s not necessarily my thoughts, but a comparison of what I’ve heard and read. I believe the American Dream of today is different than when my ancestors migrated from Europe (loads of land, low to no taxes, farming, jobs and the anonymity of the back country) to the thousands of ideas of the American Dream. My idea is different than Beck’s and I do not believe the Libertarians I know. I do believe I was cursed when my ex-wife left me with three children to raise alone. I chose to be with them as much as possible instead of pursuing education and a career, so I’ve been very poor and so have missed out on at least being middle-class. One aspect of the American Dream I envision that I have lived is choosing to work (when there is work–I lost a very nice job in 2008 during the downturn and was unemployed for fourteen months) instead of going on the dole which I’ve only done minimally (medical expenses for my son with severe food allergies and food-stamps for a few months right before I landed my current gig as a substitute teacher).

      The other aspect of [my] American Dream I’ve engaged in over the years is free-speech. I love to blog, but I’ve also protested and supported protestors. I’ve flamed on forums fighting those who hate Mormons and nerds. I have sent emails and letters to congressmen who are acting contrary to what I feel is right. I support all free-speech (even that ass-hat who made the disgusting anti-Islam movie). I think free speech is a part of the American Dream we forget our ancestors wanted so badly. Beck doesn’t mention it and nor do the Libertarian weasels. To me. Free-Speech is very important to who we are as a people and what we dream of being as Americans.

      At the same time, I wonder what the World-Dream is. Do modern day Scots dream of the same stuff my ancestors did when they left? No one talks about World Dreams and when Americans talk about “The Great American Dream,” we sound so narcissistic. I think an achievable world dream is possible, but are people willing to live it and to also let others live it in peace?

  1. A very simple “American Dream” to which the last two generations have had was to have a decent paying job, own a modest home, have a decent salary for a company that provides a pension, health insurance, and sick leave and some paid vacation time with a union to back you up. Maybe being able to get your kids to college too. That is not a whole lot to ask for in this country. It is certainly mythology in today’s world as the megacorps and megabanks exercise their exploitative capitalism wherein that 1% controls 80% of the nation’s wealth denying all possible potential for blue and white collar workers to have an acceptable first world standard of living. The system is rigged and we know it but there is no one to vote for to get it unrigged.

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