Chicago Teacher’s Union

If you haven’t been reading my comics for the last couple of weeks, you might not know I have no respect for American Teacher’s Unions. I understand if you disagree, but it seems many younger Democrats and a few older ones like Rahm Emmanuel agree with me. Because unions recently have done more to hurt the jobs situation in the United States, many pro-jobs, economy first progressives are becoming more and more anti-union. Personally, I feel all public sector unions, not just teachers, are working to destroy the American Middle Class right along with Republican Party capitalists.

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(This political cartoon was drawn with a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen, a Micron Pen 0.8 and a Chisel Tip Sharpie; sketched with a yellow Sharpie Accent & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements)


8 thoughts on “Chicago Teacher’s Union

    • I have read a lot about the Chicago’s Teacher’s Union Strike and I think they chose to strike right now more to hurt the families of the students rather than protest or take advantage of their Free-Speech rights. If they were interested in their message, then they would have struck during the summer and not when they would do the greatest harm to children and education.

      • And I disagree. It shows nothing but contempt for their professions. If this group of teachers wish to be treated like professionals and not like a bunch of factory-workers or truck-drivers, then they should act like it.

      • Did you mean to say, “and NOT like a bunch of factory workers or truck drivers…”?
        As for the main part of your comment, you may well be right that it shows a contempt for their professions but equally striking at such a time may force others to listen where otherwise they wouldn’t. Or alternatively they may feel overly pressured/ostracised by strike action at such time and return to work as you implied.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily support their actions but in my experience management and unions are both human and often just as bad as each other, usually dependent on who holds the most power at that particular time.

      • I agree that management of school districts and the politicians in the legislatures and on the school boards are often quite rotten, however with the US falling behind in nearly every category and where our best students are actually homeschooled or from private schools, then changes need to be made at the teacher level and teachers are as unwilling to change as truck-drivers being forced to use zero-emmissions vehicles.

        I have been reading about the union and their negotiations for a while and also the behavior of unions in other locations (NYC mostly) and in my opinion, it is the unions who are wrong now. Keep in mind, most of my friends are union-teachers here in Utah and were forced to make concessions, but they did so for the sake of hopefully improving test-scores and education quality (they are struggling with merit based pay, but everyone of them knows a teacher who is slouching and making everyone else look bad–they also want smaller classrooms, but with Bill Gates coming by and saying the student:teacher ratio studies are based on myth, the teachers know they are not going to get any headway in this area). The problem here in Utah, though, rests with tea-party politicians who feel children who are not homeschooled are being abused by their parents. Some of these politicians feel creationism should be the only system taught in biology and zoology classes. The nice thing is that the electorate is not going for that or vouchers and for the most part support public education in traditional k-12s and charters.

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