President Barack Obama

Well, both conventions are over. Finally. Neither convention provided any new information except Ron Paul supporters are mad at most Republicans and Politically Correct activists are mad about the inclusion of the term “God” in the Democratic Platform. Meh.

I did like the DNC better than the RNC. The speakers at the DNC are much better. I particularly liked Michelle Obama’s Speech and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri. Bubba’s speech said nothing new and lacked the zing he had as a candidate or as the President. I did like President Obama’s speech. He is a much better speaker then Romney, but I think the RNC was very careful to keep Romney under control. Republicans typically don’t like soaring speeches. At least not since Reagan. If soaring rhetoric were a Republican thing, Dubya never would have been elected.

I listened to every speech at both conventions and I have to let you know the prime time speeches are very different than the other speeches. This is very interesting and quite manipulative. The reason: independent voters work and watch sports and so are not interested by all the crap spewed by the party hacks who give the other speeches.

President Obama’s speech was quite good, however I’m not convinced. I’ve heard it all before. I wish he could have been a little more honest about the failures and successes of his presidency. I think the ACA was fantastic. Yes, it needs more work, but it is a great step in the right direction. Not many people spoke about the ACA in prime-time, leaving it to party nit-wits to sing about. That is chicken-shit and the President should be ashamed of his cowardice.

(This comic portrait was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie and a Chisel Tip Sharpie; sketched out with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter and a green Zebra Zebrite Bible Highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


8 thoughts on “President Barack Obama

  1. I’m happy that Obama appears pro gay rights. Like what we see in the media here in the UK on USA homophobia is really disheartening from the crazy extremist Christian documentaries. Like I’m not against people whom are homophobic but when its shoved in your face it’s kinda like oh get a life please! Politics has always sat a bit uncomfortably with me as I never really know what I’m signing my name towards so I’ve really lost faith in politics at the moment. In the UK the Conservative party have cut all the essential welfare services, cut disability benefits and relaxing planning laws to build on green space! We are facing the highest youth unemployment ever and riots broke out earlier this year. I feel there are some dark times ahead indeed. On a positive note though, the climate has helped me tap into love, creativity and a sense of community. During these times I’m feeling people are starting to look out a little bit more for one another, but I’m finding that more within the poorer socio economic groups. (my mini soap box!)

    Loving the illustrations ;o)

    • Yeah, American Evangelicals tend to be a bit homophobic. Some of them are very frightening. Some of my fellow Mormons are also quite homophobic. Is Romney? Many documentaries would like to paint him as a homophobic monster, because many of the people who will be voting for him are. So the question is, do homophobic Evangelicals and Mormons make a Mormon Mitt Romney homophobic because he does not rebuff their support? I don’t have an answer to that.

      I will say that Biden and then Obama bringing that question into the campaign by getting rid of a stupid “don’t ask don’t tell” military policy and suggesting LGBT marriage be a matter for federal regulation is merely political tactics and not sincere support for the LGBT community (even though for the LGBT community, political sincerity is unimportant as long as their demands are met).

      I think the US Supreme court will find LGBT marriage rights will be a state issue, because there is precedence stating marriage is a matter for state regulation.

      Now as bad as unemployment is here in the US, it is nothing like what the UK and Europe are experiencing, but the situation is bad enough.

      For a great many Americans, budget austerity measures are very important. Many people feel if congress and whichever President wins do not start applying an axe to government, then our nation as it exists today will cease to exist. Unlike the UK and Europe, austerity is the common sense solution most people want.

      This is where I think Romney and republicans need to hammer the president if they want to win and to stay the hell away from social issues like abortion (very much unchangeable settled law) and LGBT-marriage. If the republicans can stick to austerity, jobs and the economy, they will probably win. One of the things that is motivating conservatives here are the riots, corruption, debt and budget-stupidities of Europe (particularly Spain, Italy and Greece). Conservatives want to avoid what they see as almost inevitable unless the general course of the nation does not change.

      We will have to see what happens. This election is the republican’s to lose. If independent voters feel republicans are more interested in bigotry and/or social-issues then they are in applying austerity measures, then those independent voters will vote democratic in large numbers.

      Sorry for the long reply, but I did appreciate your very thoughtful comment and I did not want to come across as being trite (might be unavoidable, however).

      My soap box: politicians need to be smart and stay away from stuff that makes them sound bigoted or stupid (IE Missouri Congressman Todd Akin).

      I also appreciate your compliment on my illustrations. Thank you very much!

  2. I am cynical. The main job goal for politicians is to be re-elected. Anything to achieve that goal is just ammunition. I always enjoy Obama’s speeches but Bush II gave pretty good speeches too.
    I watched most prime time coverage of both conventions. They are really just entertainment aren’t they. I sense for good or bad the election has all ready been decided. I am ever hopeful that we as a people will make the right choices. Choosing not destroy that which we believe to love like America, and choosing not to further defile that which we require like our planet.
    However, I am not hopeful that the person who gets elected president will matter much. I hope I am wrong about that. The president has little power to effect the changes these speeches refer to.
    These speeches have been endlessly entertaining. I am anxious for Romney to stop campaigning. Hell, the man has done little but talk nonsense for the 4 years he’s been running for president.

    rant. great artwork. keep it up

    • “However, I am not hopeful that the person who gets elected president will matter much. I hope I am wrong about that. The president has little power to effect the changes these speeches refer to.”

      This a powerful statement and I agree with you: I hope it is not true. The power structure that upholds the president dislikes the instability of elections and the chance someone will come along and cook their golden goose.

      I believe the true power behind the US presidency could care less, tho. They will get their money no matter what.

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