Comes in Charcoal-Grey & Navy Blue, Too

My Democratic Facebook friends have made this point: Paul Ryan is a robot, heartless, and/or controlled by the Koch Brothers. I don’t know enough about the man except I was rooting for someone else (Condolezza Rice), but I can tell you I think he is too much of a policy wonk to be the president, so that disqualifies him as vice-president.

For the next four days, I am going to be focusing some of the opinions I’ve heard from many of the Democrats I know here in Utah or on Facebook. I will be voting for a number of local democrats here in Utah, but Utah democrats are not the same as national Democrats. Utah Democrats would be hard-core, uber-conservative Republicans in most New England states. They have to be or they have no chance except in a few city council seats up by the University of Utah. A local Democrat I have a lot of respect for is Boyd Peterson. I drew a comic about him.

Local Democrats are a courageous bunch and I respect most of them. Some of them deserve to lose, however, when they subscribe to liberal positions that the local population hates. Even if I agree with those Democrats, if they tout the issues that make Utah the reddest state in the country absolutely angry (abortion, LGBT-marriage, environmentalism & higher taxes on the rich) these Democrats deserve to lose.

(This political cartoon was drawn with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen, a Fine Point Sharpie, a Chisel Tip Sharpie; sketched out with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter and a green Zebra Zebrite Bible Highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


6 thoughts on “Comes in Charcoal-Grey & Navy Blue, Too

    • She would have. I think she is one of the best people I have ever read and read of involved in diplomacy. She would have covered where Mitt is weak and she is so amazingly smart. I have a hard time believing she wasn’t picked.

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