Teacher’s Unions: an Agenda from the Last Century

President Obama chided the Republicans for presenting old ideas from the last century during the RNC (which they did), I found the criticism particularly hypocritical since no idea presented by President Obama and the Democratic Party during his entire presidency found origin in this century. Even the Affordable Care Act is very much last century.

Teacher’s Unions, in fact, come from two centuries ago. Their archaic hide-bound nature interferes with bringing American education out of the 1950s and into this decade at least. The president has presented no new ideas regarding education. He instead is sticking to No-Child-Left-Behind. I would love if during the DNC President Obama and the Democrats did, but they refuse to because the unions are more reluctant to change than any baby-boomer Evangelical being flexible regarding abortion.

Instead of being the stumbling block to education, the unions need to step out of the way and let education reformers get to work.

(This political cartoon was drawn with a Micron Pen 0.8, a Fine Point Sharpie, a Chisel Tip Sharpie, sketched out with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter, a green Zebra Zebrite Bible Highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


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