Did Public Education fail Republican Todd Akin?

This week, until the DNC gets underway, I am going to be focusing on education. To be topical, I want to depict Todd Akin. The man is a complete idiot. I can not believe he is still a nominee. I live in Jason Chaffetz’ district and he is a dingle-berry. Todd Akin makes Jason look like a genius.

Education in America is always being questioned and rightly so. There is no excuse for our rotten education system. I want to share my perspective and a couple of conversations I have had about education with people over the years. If you have any requests or recommendations, let me know I am very open to suggestions.

(This political cartoon was drawn with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen, shaded with a Chisel Tip Sharpie & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


14 thoughts on “Did Public Education fail Republican Todd Akin?

  1. As someone that works at a school all day, I see lots of kids that are frustrated. I feel bad for the teachers tho. You can almost guarantee that 90% of the chldren started their day watching tv or playing video games, and will end the day after school the same way. Teachers are fighting a losing battle trying to keep the attention of the kids while they try to teach them. To be an effective teacher, one has to be as engaging as Jim Carey, flamboyant as Jack Black, colorful as Pixar, and change poses every three seconds like Disney. Teachers without 3-d animation lessons are up a creek without a paddle.

    • I know this problem well. As a sub, I am not allowed to use any electronic based lessons unless it is through the DVD player. I have to teach using my personality and skill. It is so hard for teachers that have great skills but not a lot of personal charisma when they have to compete with computers, gaming and cell phones (mostly math teachers). I know exactly how hard it is. I do think there are ways to combat ennui, but it is hard.

  2. Interesting that you put it down to education. You might be onto something there. That and dangerous amounts of dodgy commissioned research. As the Akin thing was pushed further, I note how many people started drawing on “expert” opinion…

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