Small Government

For me this is the key to the election. If the campaign can stick to the economy, the budget and jobs, I think they can win the election. I do think if social issues like a woman’s right to choose, LGBT rights and demographic partisanship are discussed, then Republicans deserve to lose.

As a moderate, independent voter, I am a fiscal conservative, immigration moderate, social moderate and environmental liberal. I want small government, moderate immigration policy, social liberty and a safe environment. Think the biggest failure of the Obama administration is the use of regulatory power to legislate instead of going through congress to accomplish its goals even if I agree with some achievements. More regulation creates large, intricate bureaucracy and thus larger budgets. I, however, like the affordable care act, but it needs work. I think the US can afford a single payer system, but to do so we will need to cut other programs like military spending and deployment, subsidies for rich corporations, protections for labor unions and massive tort reform so we can extend the right of medical coverage to every American.

If the Republican ticket can stick to a message of fiscal conservatism, I think other independents will vote Republican and the Republicans will win. I think what loses the election for Republicans are dough-headed idiots like Missouri’s Congressman Akin and Utah’s Jason Chaffetz. Social conservatives are morons. That kind of stuff needs to stay in people’s homes or in their churches, not in the public discourse. At least not now if the Republicans want to win.

(This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie, shaded with a Chisel Tip Sharpie, sketched out with a yellow Sharpie Accent highlighter & colored, edited and lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


11 thoughts on “Small Government

    • I agree, at the same time I say most political speech is so cliche it is hard to know where the original thought came from. That was the refreshing thing about President Obama’s speeches. He was able to take the old ideas and make them sound new and the failure of most speakers in that the old ideas are always old. Republicans and Democrats are equally crappy at this. Ryan failed because the same speech was given during the ’80s by Reagan supporters who were getting funds from the source Ryan is.

  1. Like your views, Aaron. Believe it or not, I’ve been following your posts diligently (and yeah, just got done with the Masters!) and have been much entertained.
    Would you kindly, for the sake of a hopeless pedant, alter ‘loose’ to ‘lose’ in your article (it was in a couple of places) as it is incorrect? I don’t know what it is, but it really bugs me when someone does it… all in good nature, in this case!

    Hope things are well.

  2. Then again, as we learned during the Bush years, it’s really expensive NOT to regulate banks and big business–and then bail them out when their risky practices fail!

    • I agree, but in this case Ryan is not referring to banks but to the size of government. I would like to point out that the banking problems that occurred during the Bush years were not because of Bush himself, but decades of crony capitalism from both sides of the political spectrum. I’m not making excuses, both Republicans and Democrats suck!!!

      However, it is always good to know which quotes go where and the antecedents of particular quotes.

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