These are opinions I’ve heard recently from my friends. I have to be honest, not all of them vote. Most of them think voting in Utah is pointless because most of the state votes straight party republican. However, most of them either describe themselves as Republicans or any where else in the nation they would be considered very conservative. Their professions are IT Engineer, Website Tester (erm . . . destroyer), Printer Tech, Work Force Services Bureaucrat and English Teacher. I’ve known most of these guys for over fifteen years and have either worked with them or went to college with them.

Their opinions are fairly typical for Utah x-gen kids (kids who are now middle-aged). The large national banks are not that popular here, well not popular with my peers anyway. I don’t know anyone who uses a national bank. Local Banks like Zions First National and Bank of American Fork are popular as are Deseret First Mutual and UCCU credit unions. The banking issues that drive many political conversations are something my peers could care less about, are ignorant of or think any one who uses a large bank is part of the problem and deserve their problems.

Personally, I use Wells Fargo and UCCU. I use Wells Fargo for when I do travel, there are branches I can go to nation wide, but if I needed a home loan, I would go through UCCU or a local credit union. I don’t think I could trust Wells Fargo with that much money.

(This political cartoon was drawn with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen & colored, edited & lettered in PhotoShop Elements.)


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