Thought Provoking Award

I was nominated for a Thought Provoking Award by How To: Dating Twenty Men. I like the idea of being thought provoking, but I’ll settle for simple provocation any day. For some readers, I’m simply insulting (and I delete their comments). I am often surprised by this because it take a lot for me to become insulted, so I’m now surprised when someone goes around being insulting and doing a bit of trolling. That’s what YouTube and the forum sites are for. I do like the idea of thought provoking. I listen to the TED talks and they are thought provoking. I listen to video feeds while I draw from the different cable News Programs. Often they are thought provoking. MSNBC & Fox News are just provoking (and quite insulting to the intellect).

So, to say the least, I like the idea of being Thought Provoking. So, How To:, thank you very much for this award. I appreciate it and the intent.

So, the requirements:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and write a blog about it.

2) Share seven things about yourself.

3) Pass the award to five blogs you enjoy.

4) Post the image on your blog.

Seven Things:

This is hard, because my about page is fairly thorough and quite huge (and heavy handed).

1) I don’t blog & cartoon about some issues because they are excluded by one of my favorite people, Laura Hamblin Ph.D. at Utah Valley University. She won’t let her freshmen students write about them in her English 1010 or 2010 classes or her Ethics & Values classes. The subjects are so controversial, they always alienate and/or intimidate other students; there is generally very little scholarly work available for these subjects and student papers about these subjects tend to be quite cliche. Interestingly enough, these are often the popular subjects that drive American political parties: abortion, gay rights, religious freedom of or from and globalization being four examples. She has several others she will not allow in class.

2) I haven’t eaten kimchee in over a year.

3) I just watched The Help for the first time and so just went and made corn pone.

4) I have recently been trying to figure out how I can store one year’s supply of food in my one bedroom.

5) I think this election year is very devoid of humor, but is filled with hatred and a mutual-refusal to listen to the other side. Both political parties are equally guilty.

6) I am very ready for Football!!! Go BYU!

7) Substitute teaching this week was very fun. I am still primarily working at Central Utah Enterprises, a transition center for cognitive-disabled adults. I will be working at other schools later on and will be able to blog about them. The legal requirements for blogging about teenagers are very simple compared to blogging about the disabled if you are not their immediate family.

8) I love flying. I haven’t flown anywhere since my last trip to San Fransisco five years ago. I drove to San Diego twice in the last year, but I want to fly someplace.

9) I can count, but I don’t like to.

Passing Along:

I like the idea of passing an award along as opposed to nominating. It is just a little more informal.  Keep in mind those I am nominating/passing to: you do not need to pass along or nominate if you are not comfortable doing so or if you are just too busy or if it is just not your thing. I am fine with that. Really. I will still love what you are doing.

Also, there is no particular order to the passing along here.

1) Marina Kanavaki at her self named art blog is one of my biggest supporters. I love everything she does and to me, she is very inspirational. Her watercolors are understated and intelligent and she is hard so she can earn a living as an artist on line.

2) Mark at Reflections of China is a fantastic photographer. His images of China are very thought provoking and quite often breath taking. I love Asia and miss living there. If I ever do return to live in Korea, I will take a similar approach to life in Asia and post images of the things I love (and hate) about South Korea.

3) Gipsey at Emprerdedor is a very thought provoking guy and not because he blogs in Spanish. He does have English translations. Gipsey is very philosophical and generally quite funny. His posts are comics of the stickman style, so the image does not interfere with the text.

4) Davide at Rubicorno is an architectural photographer of the highest quality. If photo interpretation is your thing, you will love Davide’s work. He takes his pictures with his smart phone and then runs them through several processors resulting in very interesting images. I love architecture and so Davide’s work is very meaningful to me.

5) Wayne at Bo’s Cafe Life writes a pixie cartoon about wannabe/fail authors who meet daily and bitch about their crappy, unfulfilled life as writers. I identify with Bo, the protagonist/POV, because I have been publishing poetry for quite a long time and my publication rate is about 1:10 (not including the hundreds of poems and short stories I never even try to send out).


Thank you for reading this blog. I want to thank everyone I passed along to. I am inspired by everyone of you. There are many other bloggers I am inspired by. I am sorry I did not include you here. You deserve being nominated, too.

I also want to thank, How To:, again. This is a great award to be nominated for. I am glad I am thought provoking for someone.


The O.

11 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Award

  1. Congrats Aaron …so well deserved award. If someone deserves this, it’s YOU! Thank you so much for nominating me and with such flattering words too! I am very grateful and honored! Be well!

  2. Congrats! And thank you, again!

    About trying to store a year’s supply of food in your one bedroom, I have one word for you: jerky. Lots and lots of jerky. There’s beef jerky. Fish jerky. Turkey jerky… I told my kids we’re preparing for the Zombie apocolypse. I was only half kidding. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “The Walking Dead.” 🙂

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