Syria Schmeria

This picture is why I love Sharpies. I drew this in less then 20 minutes and processed in PhotoShop Elements in just about ten minutes. I like the speed the ink goes down on the paper. The difference between this drawing and the last two is scale. I drew this on a standard sheet of paper instead of scaled panels to fit a particular format.
Edit: I did use another pen for shading: Prismacolor Premier French Grey Grey 30%. The yellow is the highlighter I use for sketching.


8 thoughts on “Syria Schmeria

  1. You might want to get into Corel Painter. There is a lite version, analogous to PhotoShop Elements. The only hitch, other than Painter programs can be buggy, is that you need a Wacom pad to draw on it. If you go that route, find a refurbished pad. A lot cheaper.

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