Pop Goes the World, pt 2.

I’m still trying the sharpies with the new format and concepts and it still isn’t working, but the comic went better this time. I am giving it one more time tomorrow and if I’m unsatisfied again I’ll try Microns and start learning vector cartooning.
Again, I am not using the lyrics written by Men Without Hats, but I am borrowing parts of them. It is a neat song and very happy. Obviously my comic isn’t.


5 thoughts on “Pop Goes the World, pt 2.

    • Enjoy the Men Without Hats. I speak two other languages and I’ve got to let you know that Korean is much easier to spell than English and so I totally understand misspellings because I balls up French on a regular basis.

      • Don’t even get me started on french spelling, thank god for spellcheck on outlook or i’d write a whole lot more embarrassing work emails.

      • Wow, that’s impressive! 🙂 I think I secretly want to be French. I did French and German at school, was good at them both but German is so much harder to retain than the Francais. Have always wanted to be able to speak more languages : Russian, Italian… Good for you! 🙂

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