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This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie, shaded with a Chisel Tip Sharpie & lettered, colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


18 thoughts on “Blimps

    • They are very fuel efficient, if they were going to be used for transportation of cargo, I would probably go for it, but it is not. It is going to be used for forward reconnaissance. It is going to go where the drones go. If it going to be so forward in a combat area, then the cost does not justify the fuel efficiency when 500bn is blown out of the sky (IMO).

      • Exactly. When this project was proposed back during the Bush administration, no one has ever brought up how these things are going to defend themselves or if they can be. These things are just a political boondoggle that brought money back home to some congressman’s home district. I’ll do more research on it and post another cartoon next week.

  1. LOL, love your cartoon! I agree that blimps are awful for spying (I wonder who proposed that idea in the first place?) But I totally want one of your bow and arrow sets! They look fantastic.

    Thanks for the like, BTW!


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