Mars? Really?

This cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie, shaded with a Chisel Tip Sharpie, lettered with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


13 thoughts on “Mars? Really?

  1. Hi Andre, thank you very much for being the first person to like a drawing on my new blog, you really made my day. I had to call by to see your stuff and I was happy to see it’s so cool. I love the way you’ve used markers, I find them very tricky to work with, but the use of line to build up an effect of shading and tone is good- it is almost like a woodcut

    • Thanks Emily, I feel the same way about my first like here. It really made me feel great. I love your compliment about linework looking like a woodcut. Thank you very much, you are very kind.

  2. Mars has always enchanted me. Although the John Carter movie was panned I really enjoyed it. Perhaps it is because I read every Edgar Rice Burroughs book in the John Carter of Mars series 50 years ago and it was thrilling to see my mind’s perceptions portrayed on the big screen.

    • I agree with you. I read the books when I was a kid and knew exactly what was supposed to be going on or well who John Carter was. I liked the movies and thought people should have gone out to them more than they did.

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