Illuminating Blog Award

I have been nominated for a number of awards this summer and unfortunately I have not been able to respond to them as I should have. I apologize. I have been working on a big project that should be rolling out mid-September, so I suppose I’ll use that as an excuse (other then that, I suppose you can go with the assumption that I am just a lazy bastard–my ex-wife’s opinion).

I have been nominated for and accept the Illuminating Blog Award by one of my favorite bloggers, Ms Katykins at Spineless Wonders. I have enjoyed her blog and support during the summer. I have been experimenting with Reddit this summer and those jerks hate me, so I am very happy that I have friends here at Word Press. Thank you Ms. Katykins, Cyril and Willy.

A Few Requirements:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you on their blog.

2) Thank the blogger who nominated me on my blog: thanks again Ms. Katykins. I also want to thank all the other bloggers I’ve been a complete tool to by not responding to their very kind nominations (sorry, I suck): thank you guys very much for being great bloggers.

3) Say something random about my self: my first food related dare ever was to eat twenty earthworms. I was ten. I ate the worms and then got into a fistfight with the kid who dared me, because he reneged on the dare.

4) Select five or so bloggers, notify them of the nomination and write a blob of text about them (see below).

5) Copy and paste the award jpeg someplace in your blog.

6) This is my thing: I want to remind the bloggers I nominate that I appreciate them and their blogs and that they do not need to reciprocate in anyway shape or form. One of my earliest supporters was intimidated by an award I nominated her blog for.  She was just not comfortable with awards. I understand. If you would like to ignore the award and nomination, that’s cool. I still think you’re awesome no matter what you think.

Explanation: I do not always like blogs that are similar to my own. I love fun and/or silly cartoons. I love honest political blogs of all political strips. I love blogs that represent my past lives. I also love blogs that make me think and smile.

Here are my nominations:

1) Karl over to Landscape Urbanite. I have enjoyed Karl’s blog from the second I came across it. He is very thoughtful. I love his attention to detail and love of urban landscape architecture.

2) Map Collection. When I was a kid, my favorite thing about Dungeons and Dragons was drawing the maps. Sometimes I would just draw maps for fun. This is still true. I have posted five maps here over the last year. Now, I just came across this blog, but man there is some great stuff here.

3) Marek over to Coffee+Dumplings+Komics. I have nominated Marek before, but if there is an illuminating cartoonist out there, Marek is the man. I love his comic and I think I’ve liked every single one since I came across his blog. If I didn’t, I sure did mean to. I don’t think Marek accepts these awards, but I don’t care. He is just too awesome and is way smarter than me.

4) Pete over to petegalantingdraws. Pete has another blog that I’ve nominated before (Delicate Adventures), but this time his emphasis is not on eggs. This time he is drawing whatever he wants. I like Pete because of his crazy eye for detail. I just draw too fast for the careful line work in his art.

5) Liyin over to Liyin Creative. I have been liking Liyin for quite a while and I finally decided to follow her blog when I discovered she is doing what I want to be able to do eventually: she draws (and draws quite well) on an iPad. There are a couple of problems with me doing this. I don’t have an iPad. Substitute teachers just do not get paid enough for cool gear like that. Eventually, I want to draw stuff using modern technology. I just don’t have the loot.


Now, I love loads of other bloggers (Michelle, Don, Doodlemum, Doodledad, Davide, Wayne, Maria, Raymond, Seven-legs, Grotski and hundreds of others). I am inspired every single day by the blogs I read and steal quite often from them (even if I forget to tell them).

Thanks again, Ms. Katykins. You are great.

9 thoughts on “Illuminating Blog Award

  1. Thanks again, Aaron! I accept the award, of course! Maybe when I’m done with the book I’ll pass it along… I appreciate your above links to other exciting projects, too! Can’t wait to hear about your “big project” in September.

  2. This is a truly awesome acceptance and far too complimentary – thank you, Aaron!

    Although, I have to ask, what’s the score? Willy makes you a nomination and you start to tell us that you’ve eaten 20 earthworms for a dare. Cyril’s trying to coax him out of his shock right now but he’s not having much luck. In between cold sweats and panic attacks Willy did mumble something about eating you if he had teeth and, er, wasn’t an earthworm.. 😉 It’s just as well you beat up that other dude for bailing on the dare! 😉

    Truly deserved nomination, thank you for brightening my days! 🙂

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