Sikhs, Solidarity and Oklahoma

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie, lettered with a PaperMate Flair felt tip pen & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.

I know many of the people who went to the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day/Kiss-In were not filled with hate or anger, but there were a great many who were. That display of hate and the Hate-Murders/Domestic Terror Act at the Sikh Gurdwara really bums me out. I read the article titled “Today, We Are All American Sikhs” on CNN. I agree with the sentiment. I have read about the many the hate crimes commited against the Sikhs since 911 where the shooter thinks he is targeting Muslims. This pisses me off, too. I am dismayed by the conservative claims that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are religious wars between Islam and Christianity. Their arguments are weak and based on ignorance and hate.

As a veteran of the US Army, I apologize to anyone who thinks they need it, though it is not my role to do so. The US Army does not teach hate, nor does it tolerate hate once it is uncovered. While I was stationed at Cp. Humphreys South Korea, a soldier in my company and a couple others on post were dishonorably discharged for membership in the KKK and for making racist statements to fellow soldiers.

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9 thoughts on “Sikhs, Solidarity and Oklahoma

  1. A wonderful cartoon and a much-needed sentiment. It is always heartening to see a member of one religious community express (humorous, incisive) solidarity with another!

  2. Aaron, the news of Sikhs being attacked worldwide is rather getting common with the advent of time . It is shocking that a Sikhs are targeted as Muslims – a religious group which was formed not more than 500 years back just to counter-attack Muslim invaders in India!I’m not willing to sound racist too- it is just that I am horrified people around the globe,so much hate History ! Turn back , look how things started , know more about other belief and then claim right or wrong! As usual, a very inspiring post.

    • Thanks man, I appreciate you stopping by. In high-school and college I learned a little of the Sikhs and Indian culture, but most of what I know now comes from reading more and more every-time something like this happens. I earned a lot after 9/11. It is my hope that this type of stupidity will disappear, but as a realist, I know it won’t. Sigh . . . I still have hopes.

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