Bullets, Guns and Looney-Binizens

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie, lettered with a PaperMate Flair Pen & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


8 thoughts on “Bullets, Guns and Looney-Binizens

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I ❤ sharpies, Nice work! You have taken on a very controversial subject. I am wondering how *no one* at the University where the shooter was enrolled in a doctorate program, noticed, that he was mentally ill….sad, sad and very sad…. beyond sad, so tragic.

    • Well, I know a lot of grad students and they are often so wrapped up in their studies and personal oddities-nerdities they don’t notice anything. The problem is the psychiatrist who was aware and (if the news has it right) did nothing.

  2. Hi Mr. Ogre, thank you so much for your faithful likes on my blog. You’re far too kind! Your illustration skills are fabulous! Cheers!!

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