Myth of the American Middle Class

This political-ish cartoon was drawn with a Micron Pen no. 0.5 & edited in PhotoShop Elements.


12 thoughts on “Myth of the American Middle Class

  1. “Dead on. I had a conversation today with a cousin that professes to be “libertarian”. She almost quotes those “libertarians” rush, beck, hannity verbatim. And of course she’s christian. And she’s not racist, she says so in every conversation. Several times. She called to talk me out over something I posted since I didn’t answer online to her satisfaction. She has never called me before and there’s a good chance she won’t call again. A person can only listen to self-important religious stupid for a few seconds. I wonder how long she kept talking after I hung up. ugh.

    • I get that exact conversation all the time, fortunately with these guys religion never came up (we’re all Mormons). The hard thing is they never listen to reason, they are so caught up in ideology they fail to see the legitimacy of anything other than their own position. One of their problems with me is when they disagree with my cartoons I almost never approve of their comments because they are so negative and/or extremist.

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