President Obama: Bugged

This was produced with brushed India-ink & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


9 thoughts on “President Obama: Bugged

  1. How do you like PS Elements? A copy came with my drawing tablet and I loaded it on my housemates computer since I have the full Photoshop. I’ve not yet played around with it, so no clue as to what it’s like. I’ve opened it up a few times, and it’s quite a bit different than my Photoshop CS5, so I didn’t explore any further.

    • PS CS5 is far more powerful and easier to use, especially if you are used to it. I prefer regular PS, but I just can’t afford it or CS6. Don’t even bother with elements in your case. Your wacom tablet will be happier with CS5 anyway and I think there are special commands built into the drivers just for CS5 that would not be there for elements, but I could be wrong.

      All that aside, I am quite satisfied with Elements. It does everything I want except for a few little tricks like making an illustration look like it actually came from an old comic book or drawing text balloons (I hand draw those any way, but text balloons are much easier in PS).

      • Thanks! The few times I opened up Elements, it gives me some weird options to choose from, and the layout is so different than Photoshop and Illustrator. I was curious since it seems so different.

        Sadly, I could not afford a Wacom – plus it was a Christmas gift, but I got to choose which one first – and I couldn’t do that to my friend who’s on a budget. I have an Adesso. Since it’s my first tablet, I have nothing to compare it to, so I love it! Well, scratch that… kind of… I used 3D cad-cam digitizing tablets back in the mid 1980’s in college. But I think that’s a whole different category. 😉

        Do you draw balloons every time? What about drawing a stock balloon saving as a transparent .png and dropping that in as a new layer when you need it. You can use the transform to change, rearrange and put a new perspective to fit your need for that character’s balloon.

        A thought…. 😀

      • I’ve thought about doing exactly as you suggest, the issue is I hand letter on nearly every cartoon, so the balloon is then natural and honestly easy to do. If I get CS6 (I can’t afford it either, nor a tablet), I’ll go back to using illustrator to draw the balloons, but I doubt I go too far away from hand lettering. I’m getting better at it and I like how it looks.

        Re: the cad cam. I used it in the Army, back in the 80s too. I liked it too, but the Army wasn’t sure if it wanted to invest too much in it as the technology was growing so quickly. They do now of course, but on much better combat conditioned computers.

        I kind of wish I had pursued drafting in college. Physics and then English haven’t quite panned out.

        Thanks for the input, Michelle. I value your comments. I’ll think about it more.

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