Just Peachy: Fukushima Institutionalism

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie (well two, the first one ran out of ink), lettered with a Micron no.8 Pen & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.

I was influenced by this photo. The article I am basing this comic on is here: Reuters.


7 thoughts on “Just Peachy: Fukushima Institutionalism

  1. If I understand the report, and I think I do, the point is that we are ALL responsible for the decisions our gov’t makes; that we all need to be involved in our political process, not to just blame the politicians of either party.

    This little blog of mine [] is woefully inadequate to express my dismay at the whole state of politics in which no one TALKS to each other. Instead, everyone yells at each other from distant rooftops; so far from each other that no one hears what the others saying.

    Good luck to to us.


    • I agree with you 100%. Either we don’t understand or hear each other or we refuse to. I like your image very much, it is very illustrative.

      I’ll check out your youtube blog. If I comment, I won’t be the youtube troll a name like the ogre would imply.

      Thank for stopping by with your great comments again, I appreciate it.

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