This political sports cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


8 thoughts on “Secret

      • I’m aware, but it is a follow up prosecution after French and European investigations could get nothing. They then passed it off to us and then eventually it got to the USADA. As far as I’m concerned, this is still an example of French sour grapes.

        I was living in South Korea for two of his Tour de France wins and the French expats I knew over there were livid that he was even allowed to compete. “Americans are good at everything, they should be excluded from some sports.”

        When the US finally wins the World Cup of Soccer, then they will forget Lance and then focus on how America cheated its way to a World Cup win.

        Personally, I think Lance cheated. However, everyone else was too, so I don’t care. Cycling, like boxing, is a damn dirty sport, but I still love it.

      • I agree Lance likely did dope. The problem will be determining who was clean enough to accept his yellow jerseys if he is stripped. We share the same love for tainted sports. Cycling and boxing are full of politics and dirt, but I’m still hooked. You can add baseball to that list for me as well.

      • Absolutely! I love baseball, but it’s dirty as hell. And the issue for cycling is that if lance is stripped of the title, there is not going to be anyone clean enough to wear the Yellow. At this point the investigation is pointless. His last win was quite some time ago.

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