Neil Munro: Why He Really Shouted Out

Complete idiot!

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie & edited and colored in PhotoShop Elements.

This reporter is a complete goon. He was not dressed professionally, did not have the tools of the trade at hand, is snide and did not comb his hair. Look, I’m a cartoonist. I dress like a slob. This guys is supposed to be the best member of the press available and he interrupts the President while he’s lecturing. I don’t think this guy should be allowed to be involved in press functions any longer and his organization, the Daily Caller, should be put on probation of some sort.

18 thoughts on “Neil Munro: Why He Really Shouted Out

    • I agree on both points: P. Obama’s speeches are much better than Romney’s and Munro is a complete tool. It upsets me that any US president should be in the position to “bitch slap” anyone.

  1. I have no respect for Obama’s leadership or governing ability, but I respect his forum to speak. Neil Munro was completely out of line and should be embarrassed. I do concede his point about his asking questions that most of the media will not — and they should be.

    • Very good point. The media shies away from important issues with this president. I think that in itself is embarrassing. At the same time, there are better ways of confronting the president. For example, I love the O’Reilly interviews with the President Obama. They were sharp, intelligent and honest. I wish more journalists were willing to be this honest with the president and at the same time be respectful of the man and the office.

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